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Whisky in Las Vegas: Not So Much

At least…not for me. 😦

Oh, I’m sure it’s here somewhere. I had a relatively nice dinner last night in the MGM Grand at Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House and the restaurant’s whisky selection was extremely pedestrian. They didn’t even have a decent selection of Bourbon or Rye whiskey! (In retrospect, I maybe should have ordered a Sazerac, but I opted for a Vesper instead…the smoothest type of martini, IMHO, and it went great with the gumbo! Now that I think of it, based on their whisk(e)y list, I’m not even sure they had the ingredients for a Sazerac on hand.)

The only thing remotely interesting on their whisky list was The Dalmore‘s Cigar Malt (which was excellent with the bread pudding for dessert!).

I can’t wait to get home tomorrow night!


Viva Las Vegas

Very early Tuesday morning I’ll be heading to Las Vegas for most of the week. I’ll be on the lookout for good whisky. If I find any places with a good selection, I’ll write a comment here. I should be able to blog from there while I’m not working.

A business trip (to San Diego)

I’ll be back to blogging on Thursday evening. I’m staying at the Torrey Pines Hilton (and I know you won’t believe it, but I already checked out their bar menu and they don’t have the Bruichladdich Links: Torrey Pines expression on offer!). In fact, for such a posh place (it’s a four-star Hilton!), they have a really lame liquor menu in general. Really pedestrian Scotch choices. Oh well, I’ll be back home to my collection soon enough.

Taking my Bruichladdich on the road

Major road trip starts tomorrow. And what better accompaniment than my Carnoustie Links 14? I’ll be back next Tuesday to further explore the plethora of expressions of Bruichladdich, the Islay malt.

FYI: I have been in Denver (actually: Keystone, CO) for the past several days, and sadly had no opportunity to have whisky. 😦 Sorry for being away from my blog, but it’s not always possible to blog about, or drink, whisky. Sadly.