IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The subject of this blog is Scotch, specifically Bruichladdich, the Islay Single Malt Scotch. This kind of distilled spirit is special: It’s meant to be appreciated slowly, with friends. You drink this for the taste, the complexity, the enjoyment. You don’t drink it to get drunk. Never ever ever drink and drive, operate heavy machinery, or do anything else where your alcohol-impaired judgment could result in harm to yourself or others.

VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This blog is not endorsed by, or a product of, the Bruichladdich Distillery Company Limited. I named it after them because in many ways, I see them as a microcosm of the best of the whole single-malt Scotch industry in one single distillery. I like their products and I can use them as a jumping-off point to write about them and whisky in general. Of course, this is my opinion and you are welcome to differ.

WHO AM I? If you know me, you might know that I am a single-malt Scotch whisky aficionado. I am Thomas Maufer (here is my professional background, and you can see my personal background on Facebook).

WHY BRUICHLADDICH? Bruichladdich is a very special producer and their company speaks to me on multiple levels. Their fierce independence and passion resonates with me, and it comes through on their many expressions. I also appreciate their non-traditional guerrilla marketing approach (as a Marketing professional, I am a big fan of enthusiast marketing, which I learned from the masters when I worked at NVIDIA). Plus, Bruichladdich makes a [variety of] great product[s].

This blog will summarize new information as I learn it…about what’s on the shelf now, what’s coming, what’s going, and anything else remotely related to Bruichladdich. BTW, in my opinion, their web site leaves a lot to be desired, by today’s (or past) standards. If I can, I’ll help you out by linking directly to the depths of the site.

Frequently, some tidbits I know about Bruichladdich come from hearing things from, for instance, the WhiskyCast podcast, or by reading whisky publications like Malt Advocate. Jim McEwan, Bruichladdich’s master distiller, has been interviewed seven times on the WhiskyCast podcast as of 1-Aug-2008. He has revealed information in this way that has not been published anywhere else, to my knowledge.

FINAL DISCLAIMER: Again, this isn’t an official Bruichladdich blog. It’s me helping you stay up to date with what’s going on at Bruichladdich. Fancy that: I’m not exactly an insider when I live ~5,000 miles away, as the crow flies! This blog is about distilling (hah!) everything that I know about Bruichladdich (and whisky in general). I realize that other people may know more than I do, and I encourage them to create their own blogs, or to add comments here.



  eja59 wrote @

Tom, nice meeting you and Deb this weekend. I’m enjoying reading through your posts. I’m a bigger bourbon than scotch fan, but am always willing to expand my horizons!
take care, -ea

  tmaufer wrote @

I am also a Bourbon Fan! I am drinking Eagle Rare 10-year-old right now. If you haven’t tried it, you should: It’s excellent. I hear that the 17-year-old is far better (and it’s actually 19!). About the only kind of distilled spirit that I *don’t* care for is Sake. My whisky collection is always open to you on future visits.

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