Our Condolences

Today brought sad news from Islay: I watch the weather there and noticed that over the last week it’s been below freezing quite frequently. Apparently, this is unusual. I didn’t realize it when I was noticing the low temperatures, but the conditions were unfamiliar enough that there was a very bad accident in which a father and son from Islay were killed. Here are three news stories on this sad event.

The connection to Bruichladdich is that the accident happened very close to Bruichladdich. Plus, on an island with a low population, where everyone knows everyone, you’d expect that this would be a shock and would be tough to get over, but it hits closer to home than that: One of the victims was the brother of a Bruichladdich employee.

My thoughts are with all of you. I wish I could do more than send positive energy toward those who must go on. Please know that people, even in California, care about what’s happening on Islay. I want you to know that we’re with you, if only in spirit.


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