Coming Attractions

I’ve been really busy over at the Whisky2.0 blog, entering basic data on over 80 distilleries. So far it’s limited to Scotland, and it’s mostly single-malt distilleries. I think I have about 20 distilleries to go. I should be done with Scotland this week.

Every entry is categorized by who owns it, what region it’s in, and there is basic data on the location and in-service date for each distillery. For larger conglomerates that own 2 or 3 or more distilleries, I also created a separate entry for them, tagged with the properties that they own. The interface is a “category cloud” where you can click on distillery names, owner names, region names, etc. and jump to a list of matching entries.

I am opening it up for comments so people can add info on expressions that they know were produced by a given distillery. My first such comment is for Highland Park 18. This is really a community project, since there are probably on the order of 10,000 expressions (there are on the order of 100 distilleries, even when you factor in defunct distilleries, you wouldn’t have more than on the order of 1000 distilleries). There are far too many expressions for me to enter all that data myself, and there are lots of expressions for which there might be minimal on-line evidence, but for which many folks may still have a bottle in their possession.

As to the coming attractions here: I will be writing a sequel to my distilling article either tonight or tomorrow night that will show how that distilling information is applied to making whisky.


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