Tonight’s Dram

Highland Park 21
Sold Exclusively via Travel Retail

This is one of my favorites, and one of the best HP expressions I have ever owned. I hear that there is a -23 that is very good, but I haven’t had the pleasure. The -21 has the usual citrus notes you’d expect from Highland Park. In the nose I get a hint of peat with Tangerines and oaky caramels and vanillas with some wet leather and baking/mulling spices. On the palate there is a wonderful mix of oiliness and seawater (the texture is thin, yet it coats the mouth nicely). The finish develops over a few minutes and I get lovely peat in there with what can only be described as Apple cider or perhaps Quince. The finish has fruity/floral notes that are unexpected.

This expression is smoother than the -18 and I like it very much. You can get it at the SFO international terminal for $105 (price observed 2 months ago). It’s also available at LHR for £60. That’s where I got mine, through the efforts of a good friend.


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