WhiskyFest San Francisco 2008 – Context

Deb and I took Caltrain 261+ north from Menlo Park at 1619 PDT, and arrived on time at the San Francisco Caltrain station (at 4th and King) at 1703, and took a $10 cab ride to the downtown Marriott and were there by 1720.

Unfortunately, we got some nearly bad news on the train, just north of San Carlos, when Deb’s dad called to tell her that her grandmother was still in cardiac intensive care after her quadruple bypass 10 days ago. Please send your wishes to Deb’s grandmother…she needs all the positive energy that we can send to her. She’s a strong lady and was in good health going in to the surgery. If anyone can recover it’s her; she’s a Buffalo Bills fan.

In other weird news, one of my whisky buddies, Ken, had gotten halfway to San Francisco and realized he had forgotten his tickets. So he got there just before Deb and I here ready to leave. It would have been nice to have spent more time with him there but our hearts just weren’t in it.

I wish I could have concentrated better on my tasting, but as you can imagine, I was somewhat distracted due to the news about Deb’s grandmother. Deb was very upset but decided to go ahead with our attendance at the event. We tasted everything we wanted to taste and left at around 20:05 to catch the 20:30 southbound train. The next postings will be about what we tasted and who we met.

The next major whisky event in this area is the Whiskies of the World event in April. I will take a digital recorder with me to make sure I get detailed notes. Even if I’d had one yesterday, I might have been too out of it to ask sensible questions.

What I can tell you is that when I did ask questions about maturation or other “technical” questions, the marketing folks in the booths sometimes responded with, well, marketing-speak. That was rare, but annoying enough to mention here. I wish the vendors would send in their A-team (or if you are going to send a distributor, at least send someone who has actually visited your distillery in person!). Enough kvetching…on to the blow-by-blow account of what we tasted.


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  tmaufer wrote @

Just to close the book on this story, we have good news to report: Deb’s grandmother has gone home from the hospital and extended care facility. We’re very happy about that!

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