Octomore: I Keep Hearing Rumors

That Octomore will be coming to the US. At this point, I really can’t say it’s anything even as well substantiated as a rumor. Perhaps wishful thinking is a better way to say it. But my sources keep circulating this idea. I hope it’s true…Bruichladdich would sell a lot of it for sure. It probably could retail for $225 or so.

I am working on getting a bottle sent to my friend in the UK who acts as my intermediary…just as soon as any UK whisky retailer with a web presence offers it for sale. Believe me, I’ll tell you about it when it happens.

What I do know about it is that it’s 131 ppm Phenol: That’s 3x the peating level of Port Charlotte (actually, it’s a bit higher than 3x). Yowza! The physicist in me suspects that, like other senses, taste and smell are logarithmic, so this might not taste or smell as peaty as it sounds; I can’t wait to try it for myself! More news as events warrant.

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