Bruichladdich in the News

One way I keep track of the news is via Google Alerts. It’s a great service wherein you effectively tell Google what to search for and it will send you an email every day (or “as it happens,” or every week…) with links to the subject of the search. So I have “Bruichladdich” as a search term.

The last week has brought an interesting collection of links. One of the usual types of link is from other blogs where folks are chronicling their trips to Islay and in which they mention Bruichladdich. These people make me jealous, especially the bird-watchers (that’s my other hobby! 🙂 ) Occasionally there are more “substantive” or “news-worthy” links such as this:

  • New Brodeaux-influenced expressions announced (link to the Islay weblog story) quoting the Bruichladdich press release — which was apparently not put out on a wire service with which I (or Google) am familiar

Now, let’s see: 6 bottles at about $80 each. Hmm. $500? Nice Christmas present for me. Unfortunately that would exceed the import limit for a single person (and I wouldn’t encourage anyone to break the law), so it might just take me until well into the new year to get these. I think I’ll ask Beltramo’s to get them for me. The path of least resistance…unless they have them available to taste at WhiskyFest San Francisco this Friday!

This is a case where the marketing is infuriating! These six expressions are all allegedly different, so you can’t possibly taste just one. How can you know if you got “B” (and it’s probably fine) but maybe you would have really preferred “D?” The whole point of this series is to see if you can nose and taste the different influences of the various Bordeaux chateaux (I think that’s the plural of chateau).

Well, I can’t wait to taste them. I have a pretty good nose (not the best by any means), and I think that the best way to improve one’s nose is to challenge it by trying to discern subtle differences among things with closely related olfactory profiles. If anyone else gets the chance to taste multiple of them, please let me know by commenting here — could you tell the difference by smell or by taste? I’ll do the same…eventually.


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