Accidents Happen

In this case, a happy accident. I read on the Whisky Grotto blog that Bruichladdich’s former owners had distilled a batch of new make spirit and put it into two casks that formerly held Sherry, believing both casks to be identical. This was in 1998. The spirit was intended to mature completely in those casks. However, while it was true that both casks had held Sherry, it was not true that they both held the same kind of Sherry. One had held Manzanilla and the other Oloroso…two very different styles of Sherry.

Bruichladdich is taking an interesting stance in this situation and is selling the bottles separately. If you are so inclined you can acquire both and taste the difference for yourself. It’s a unique opportunity to get a chance to taste a specific influence in isolation, since the only difference is the previous content of the two Sherry butts. Check out the full story here. If you want these, act now: They will only be available until Christmas of 2008.


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