Imagine my surprise

As I said in the previous posting, I was just this morning listening to the WhiskyCast podcast (I listen every week, and I read John Hansell’s blog, and stay up-to-date on the industry as best I can — it’s like I’m leading a double life, since I *do* have a day job working for a startup in Silicon Valley!). Anyway, I was very surprised to hear my name on episode 160, about 2.5 minutes into the podcast. Thanks for the mention, Mark!

Speaking of John Hansell’s blog, the most recent entry (dated 4-September-2008) contains reviews of the Rocks/Peat/Waves expressions of Bruichladdich. The Peat replaces the “3D” series. From the reviews, it sounds like these aren’t the best that Bruichladdich has ever done, but they aren’t that expensive and I plan to try them as soon as they are in the store near me. I was just there last weekend and they have plenty of the 3D-3 so it’s unlikely that they’ll be ordering Peat until that is gone. I might have to help them with that. 🙂


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