On a hot day…I still drink Bruichladdich

It was 90+ degrees (F) here today, and as a result I might not go for a heavily peated high-ABV whisky, but the Bruichladdich’s I have in the house are very nice. Tonight’s dessert was mountain blueberry pie (my wife is an awesome baker!) after which I had some of the Bruichladdich Links Carnoustie. Yum!

With that said, I am looking forward to cooler weather, and some rain. I just checked and it looks like Islay is getting some rain in the near future, which is pretty much par for the course from what I can tell. This Winter, I’m really looking forward to my Port Charlotte PC7. I’m conserving my PC5 until I get the full range of the pre-production series. It’s shaping up very nicely, but two points don’t really constitute a data set from which conclusions can be drawn. Can you tell I was a Physicist by education? 😉


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