I go to my local liquor emporium

I wanted to do some “market research” today to see how the Bruichladdich of the reviews maps to what I can buy on the shelf. I am lucky to have an outstanding liquor store near where I live, and they have a plentiful supply of malts from distillers both large and small. They (Beltramo’s) had probably 12 different Bruichladdich expressions on offer, today.

What struck me, above all else, were three things: 1) generally speaking, none of the Bruichladdich expressions was terribly expensive; 2) the whisky is generally highly rated across a wide range of expressions; 3) the whisky buyer doesn’t “get” Bruichladdich (and he’s from Scotland!); and 4) it’s hard to know what is in each bottle. As a consumer, you are left to wonder: What is in the bottle? and: How do I choose?

Did you notice that I said I was going to list three things but I listed four? 😉


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